Carpet cleaner tips for pet accidents

A pet peeing on your carpet is an unfortunate reality of owning a dog or cat. However, when it does happen there is no need to stress because you only need to follow a few simple steps. So, here is Discover Carpet Care’s guide to dealing with pet accidents before you call professional carpet cleaners in San Antonio TX.

Disclaimer: For severe pet accidents it is always best to call in professionals like Discover Carpet Care to properly treat the affected areas.

  1. We can’t stress enough that time is of the essence when it comes to pet accidents.
  2. Get a white towel, toilet paper, or paper towels. Using something that is white will allow you to see when you’re no longer picking up any pee.
  3. Starting at the outer border of the pet accident use your towel to apply pressure onto the carpet. Feel free to use most of your body weight and work your way towards the center of the stain. It is important to use vertical pressure and not to scrub. Scrubbing can cause the pee to spread in the padding underneath the surface of the carpet.
  4. Make sure to regularly change the part of the towel you are using or use new paper towels. Changing to a dry part of the towel every so often will ensure that almost all the pee is removed.
  5. Now that you’ve removed almost all of the pee it is time to go to the store and get a non-foaming enzyme based pet treatment product. These products can be found at pet stores, big box retailers, and even large grocery stores such as HEB in San Antonio.
  6. Make sure to carefully read the instructions for the pet treatment product you purchased. Every product’s instructions are different. For example, some store-bought pet treatments require that you let the product dry naturally and others require that you place a wet cloth over the treated area to activate the product.
  7. Now its time to call the professionals carpet cleaners at Discover Carpet Care to get your carpets professionally treated for pet stains.

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