Unfortunately, just about anyone with a rug doctor can call themselves a carpet cleaner. However, there are a few important things to look for to ensure that you are choosing a high quality professional cleaning business in San Antonio TX. If any company you talk to does not meet all the requirements laid out below than we recommend continuing to look for another option.

Carpet Cleaning Reviews

The first thing to look for is a carpet cleaning business with a great reputation. Asking your friends, family, or neighbors is a great place to begin but if you can’t find any recommended carpet cleaners via word of mouth it’s time to start searching on the internet. The best review site available is Yelp because it is very difficult to fake yelp reviews. Look for carpet cleaners who are top rated on yelp, have over 50 google reviews, and hundreds of Facebook reviews. Always make sure to check that there are recent reviews because the quality of the carpet cleaning could have changed.

Did you know?

Discover Carpet Care is San Antonio’s top rated carpet cleaning business on yelp. We also have over 100 Google and 200 Facebook reviews. Combined we have over 350 online reviews that are all 5 stars!

Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau?

The better business bureau requires its members to follow a strict set of guidelines about how they treat their customers. Therefore, you should always try to hire a company that is a BBB member because they have taken a sworn oath to uphold the BBB’s strict code of conduct. Being a member of the BBB also ensures that customers have an impartial third party to file complaints with that can then take up those issues with the business member.

Did you know?

Discover Carpet Care is a member of the better business bureau with an A+ rating!

What kind of carpet cleaning equipment are they using?

A carpet cleaner is only going to be as good as the equipment they are using. The gold standard in the industry is truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment designed for maximum vacuum suction and consistent steam production. The absolute best truck mounted equipment is called the Butler System and costs over $75,000. Make sure to call any carpet cleaning business you are thinking of using and ensure that they are using a truck mounted cleaning system and preferably a butler cleaning system.

Did you know?

Discover Carpet Care only uses the Butler System because it is the absolute best truck mounted system in the industry. We want to be able to offer our customer’s the absolute best experience and that requires that we use the best equipment available.

Insured Carpet Cleaners

Even when using the best carpet cleaning company things can go wrong. It’s very important to make sure that the cleaners you hire are properly insured so that if something does happen you will be protected. Ask your carpet cleaners if they carry liability insurance for both personal injury and property damage. Make sure that their insurance is through a well-known insurance provider such as State farm.  Also verify that the company has workers compensation insurance. Most service businesses in San Antonio TX are required by law to carry workers compensation insure. The reason workers compensation insurance is required is to protect both you and the employee in the rare case an employee gets injured while working on your home. If the company does not have the proper insurance you may be stuck with a claim against you if the carpet cleaning technician gets injured while performing work on your property.

Did you know?

Discover Carpet Care carries business, vehicle, and workers compensation insurance. You can rest easy when Discover Carpet Care is working on your home or business because we are 100% insured.

Professional Business Attitude

Make sure that the company you hire is both professional and polite during the scheduling process. How you were treated when you scheduled is likely how you will be treated when the carpet cleaners arrive.

Did you know?

At Discover Carpet Care we operate like a family. All our service technicians are part owners of the business and our receptionist is one of our founder’s fiances. We guarantee that you will have a pleasant experience when you choose Discover Carpet Care to work on your property.